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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Catching Up

Happy New Year! Ok, so January is already half over, but hey, I am known to be a procrastinator!

I am on a crochet kick right now. Don't ask me why. Wait, I know. I was given a trash bag - and I mean those big dark green leaf trash bags - full of yarn. My mom went to visit my aunt and she was getting rid of it. I'm very sentimental about things - too sentimental - and I have a hard time getting rid of anything that was given to me by someone I know. That is why I had to go to Target and buy a few big plastic bins to put all this yarn in. After all, it looks so much better in a plastic bin that it does in a garbage bag. So good in fact, that I don't feel so guilty about hoarding my stash of yarn, even if it is acrylic!
These projects are all from free patterns on Ravelry. You can view them and the patterns on my Ravelry profile, stitchnscrap.

This is a scarf I'm making for my daughter. It is double-knit so that there isn't a purl side. It's the first time I've tried double knitting, and although it is time-consuming I love the end result.

A baby blanket I'm crocheting. Very easy pattern. Great use of stash yarn.
Quick and easy crocheted purse.
These three hats are all made using the same pattern.

Not quite done with this one. Am planning on making an edge in a different color and not adding the ear flaps.

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