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Saturday, June 28, 2008

I've been crafting - really!

Yep, I really have been busy, just haven't blogged about it! Made one pair of socks for a dear teacher for the end of the year, and even hand dyed our own yarn with Koolaid. This was fun, and we are planning to order more yarn to make more colors. It's a hard decision, with the big stash I already have!
Diamante socks are finally finished!
Zigzag socks knit for a First Grade Teacher
Hand dyeing yarn with Koolaid
Sitting in the dye after heating in microwave
A few times in the microwave and the dye is completely soaked in to the socks.
Liked the green and orange, but it needed purple in the middle. I added that later.
The finished product! We decided to call the color "Mystery Machine."