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Saturday, November 24, 2007

LYS's - Naughty or Nice?

Where has the time gone? I can't believe Thanksgiving is over, and we're heading for Christmas at full speed. Two months ago I had envisioned myself at this time completely done with my holiday shopping, nearly done with all my knitting projects, even a few presents wrapped up. What a joke. I can't even seem to update my own blog on a regular basis!~

We did have a very nice Thanksgiving. But I didn't get up early to go shopping. My daughter and I went out shopping in the morning, but there just wasn't a lot on sale that we wanted.

Then it was on to our LYS to indulge ourselves in buying some yarn. Ok, before you get any further, I want to let you know that I am venting a little on this, so proceed with caution! What a surprise to find that all of their yarn was 35% off. Now, we have been going there for almost a year. We aren't there really often, but enough to where I think the owner recognizes me - and my daughter. At least she pretends to. My mom also has been going there for at least six months, even going in to work on her projects about once a week for the last month or so. Not once had we been told about this sale. If I would have known about it, I would have prepared a little better. I would have looked up projects, written down what I needed and made my shopping frenzy at least a little organized. I didn't even see it posted on their windows. One of the reasons my daughter wanted to go there was to drop off some hats she had made for charity. She likes to make them, plus it helps out her community hours she needs for Honor Society. When she gave the owner the piece of paper to sign verifying that she had dropped them off, the owner looked at her like she had never heard about it. We both got the feeling that she didn't want to take the time to sign it. I certainly didn't get the warm fuzzy feeling that I want to get when I leave a store spending money on something I don't REALLY have to have. (naughty!)

Fast forward to the next day, (today). My son had a birthday party to go to at Chuck E. Cheese, so my daughter and I decided to walk over to Jimmy Beans Wool, which was just a few stores down. Imagine our surprise when we were actually greeted with a friendly smile, and not one, but two employees actually asked us how we were doing and if we needed help. Samples galore in this store, and they even had the pattern I wanted. Ok, so I plunked down even more money than I had planned on spending, but I walked out of there with that warm fuzzy feeling I've been looking for. Don't know if this happens every day in there, but I'm willing to go back to test it out. It's quite a bit further than the other store, but way worth it. Just goes to show you how much customer service can take you. (Nice!)

I did add to my yarn stash - bought some Lorna's Lace sock yarn for making baby socks for Christmas presents, more sock yarn, and some Lorna's Lace worsted for a vest for my son. This will be my first time making a vest. I'll post pictures soon on Ravelry (look me up - stitchnscrap), and get pictures of projects on work here shortly.

Thought for now: It pays to pay it forward. If you've never done this, try it!

I really have been knitting! Felted skull scarf for daughter's Christmas gift.