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Monday, December 31, 2007

Busy December

This last Saturday was my good friend's 50th surprise birthday party. After all the months of planning and keeping this a secret, all that hard work paid off. I really thought she was going to find out - how could she not? - but it was a total surprise to her. It was so good to see friends and family come together to celebrate with a special person. What a great feeling.

It's funny, isn't it, how sometimes you seem so busy, but when you look back it doesn't seem like there's much that's worthy of posting on a blog. Some could argue that there really isn't much of anything worthy of posting on a blog. But if it gives a little satisfaction to the writer and possibly the reader, then it's worth it, right? Add pictures into these stories, however mundane, and it spices up the story. I love pictures - most of the time. I love taking pictures, I love downloading my pictures onto my computer, I love ordering and receiving my pictures. I love to scrapbook my pictures and make them my little works of art. I do NOT love having my picture taken. Photoshop has eliminated much of my fear of seeing my own image on a print. I love to use that "Bandaid" button, and the distort button has become a close acquaintance. This is most useful for a body that has seen better days. That is why you will rarely see my picture here, unless it has been taken in the right light, the right angle, and run through Photoshop a few times!

Now on to the fun stuff. In December my husband and I took a trip to Mexico. We went with two other couples, and another friend whose wife had finals and couldn't make the trip. My husband and his brother make this trip yearly with the guys, but wanted to take the wives this year. The place we stayed is mainly a fishing resort, and is beautiful. The guys went fishing three days, I went on one of those days. I am happy to report that I did not get seasick. Alas, I caught absolutely no fish. Apparently it wasn't a good day to fish. That doesn't give much satisfaction against the fact that we prepared almost all year to go down to Mexico and go deep sea fishing, and then I catch nothing. Oh well. I did get lots of knitting done. I knit on the plane - took size 8 circular bamboo needles on the plane with no problem - I knit by the beach, I knit in my room. We went with special friends, and that is what will make the memories.

I was able to get some projects finished for Christmas. I knit the skull scarf for my daughter, and finished the vest for my son. These were fairly easy projects that knit up quickly.
Tonight we are having a little get together for New Year's Eve. A few friends and family are coming over for Bagna Calda. My cousin is in town from California and has never had it before, so we decided to make it this year for her. Tomorrow I plan on just kicking back and relaxing! We plan to go to my mom's house and knit for a while.
Have a Safe and Happy New Year!