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Friday, July 31, 2009

So, I want to blog about my favorite scrapbook store. Since I'm a visual kind of person, I check my pictures to see if I have any of the store. Nothing there. That's ok, I think, I'm a Little computer savvy (with a Capital L), I'll just surf the web for a picture. Hmmmm, nothing there, either. Looks like today there is just the written word for this post. However, if you're reading this, you have probably either been to Treasured Memories, or at least heard about it.
I went there today and let me tell 'ya, there is a SALE going on! I found items for .10, lots for .25 and even more for $1. They are selling products at sidewalk sale prices to make room for the new products soon to be coming in. My reason for telling you this has two purposes: One, this kind of sale doesn't happen very often, and I'm all for sharing the love - and discounts! Two, I WANT TO SEE THE
I'll admit I'm a big sucker for new stuff, and I am chomping at the bit to see it, touch it, feel it. So, go on, get yourself to Treasured Memories, 1510 S. Wells Ave., Reno. You can find their website here.
Comment on this post, let me know what you think and/or what great deals you got. I'm going on my scrapbook retreat next week, and when I return I will pick a random winner from the comments and they will win a fun goodie bag, full of wonderful scrapbook or card making items. So comment away!

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