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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First There Were Three

It really started out at Cropapalooza last October. I had heard of Stickles, kinda knew what they were, but never really played with them. Then one of the croppers embellished a card with them and I was wowed. Ok, so it's just a glitter glue, but I fell in love. I bought three - Burgundy, Copper and Platinum. These three colors went on my Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas projects. Then...

More was added to my collection. What to do with them? Cards, page layouts, you get the picture. Shortly thereafter...

even more was added to my collection. Luckily, these bottles are small and don't take up much room. I spent a weekend just making cards and adding Stickles to some to make them sparkle. Love them!

A simple card with Stickles added over the patterned paper.

Thank you cards made using Fiskars border punches.

Stickles around the flowers of the card on the right.

I went Stickle crazy on these Fall cards.

I love using up scraps to make cards.

Yep, my dining room table really is under all that.

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